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LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchange. Access institutional liquidity with proprietary products.

LXDX Exchange

Spot and derivatives built to institutional standards. Non-custodial trading via RFQ.

Smart Router

Achieve the best prices across the top exchanges. Access public and private liquidity.

Platform Provider

Binary, MT5, FIX, REST connectivity. Specialized order types and colocation.

LXDX is a digital asset exchange platform that delivers the high-performance professional traders desire, coupled with the security and compliance required by institutional investors.

You can secure the best prices possible through the algorithmic liquidity provision of the LXDX global network. The ultra-low latency of our system also enables tighter bid-ask spreads that facilitate better-priced trades for the entire market.

Developed by a team with decades of experience building trading infrastructure for traditional capital markets, LXDX allows you to execute millions of trades per second across thousands of pairs. That level of speed and scalability is unique within the digital asset ecosystem and we're excited to provide a higher caliber of experience to investors everywhere.

Fundamentally better trading products—available to everyone


LXDX is a hub to the biggest markets. Our Smart Router connects you to liquidity on both the public and private markets.


Your assets and trades are secured by our ultra-low latency systems, providing built-in redundancy and infinite scalability.


Member equality is paramount. Real-time market surveillance prevents price manipulation and we never give preferential treatment.


All order life cycles are traceable, exchange market data is freely available, and any user can join our liquidity provider program.

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